There are distinct advantages in reconsidering your mortgage at regular periods.

Renovating, relocating, a growing family or simply looking for a better rate; these are all good triggers for looking to refinance your loan.

Because we do this all the time, we know who has the most competitive rates, and what the pros and cons of re-financing are.

Some of the advantages of refinancing your loan are

  • Reduce your monthly mortgage payment and have more day-to-day money available
  • Reduce your interest rate, maintain the same payments, and be on track to be mortgage-free years earlier
  • Reduce your mortgage repayment and redirect the monthly savings to your superannuation.

We help you navigate all the options out there, and secure a deal that suits your circumstances.

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“I was in a real financial hole and couldn’t find my own way out of it- I was speaking with a friend who understood my predicament and recommended Adrian’s services. Within no time Adrian came up with a strategy and has turned my life around in more ways than one! Couldn’t ask for better service and understanding!”

Katherine P.

“Adrian helped me out with finance for an investment property which I hope to live in myself in a few years time. It was looking doubtful on many fronts until I was given his name and he was able to find me suitable finance and now I have my forever home firmly in my sights! Thanks Adrian……you’re on my Christmas card list!!!”

Gail J.

“Working with Adrian was a great experience he explained to me about cost and charges so I new what I was in for went through all the paper work before signing anything . I would not hesitate in recommending him to any of my family and friends.”

Philip F.

“Presuming we were not in the position to invest in a great little property directly in front of us we gave it a chance anyway. Adrian made us realise we were in a very good position and it all went ahead smoothly. We couldn’t ask for better service. Very impressed with the time and effort put in to help us understand the world of investment properties. We went into it feeling comfortable and confident. Thank you!”

Alex A.

“Adrian’s service was outstanding right from our very first phone conversation through to settlement. His knowledge and professionalism in the industry is second to none. Was a stress free experience and learnt so much from him along the way. Home calls were super convenient and got us an amazing interest rate.”

Michael G.